Monday, 7 November 2011

Jewellery Collection

My aunt has a jewellery collection consisting of many sets of earrings, rings, necklaces, anklets and bracelets. She loves her jewelleries because those are the accumulation of gifts from her husband, children and friends. It’s nice to collect jewelleries because it’s a form of investment. Instead of buying things that can easily depreciate, why not buying things that appreciate annually like land, antiques and jewelleries. That is also my aunt’s principle that when she gets older, she will have assets that can be sold especially when she gets sick. 

I remember one time, she showed her jewelleries and I noticed faberge jewellery. My aunt said that it was a gift of her husband that was bought in Saudi Arabia. Jewelleries in Saudi Arabia have high qualities and beautiful designs. I guess it’s time for me to tell my mom that she should start collecting jewelleries too haha.   

Christmas Shopping

Christmas is fast approaching and everybody is busy preparing for this most-awaited day of the year. Here in the Philippines, Divisoria, Quiapo and Baclaran are among the most famous shopping districts. These places are commonly crowded during holiday seasons. Last year, my sister and her fiancée visited night market in Divisoria, she said that it is nicer to shop at night for the temperature is not too hot and the road traffic is lighter. 

More products and items are being sold at the night market because that’s the time sellers get their products from their suppliers. My sister bought clothes, Christmas decorations, foods and perfume. More products such as household items, towels, bathroom equipment, toys and faberge for sale are available. Now I know where to buy my gifts to be given this Christmas.      

Our Birthday Gift to Grandma

Today is grandma’s birthday so I and my sister bought a gift for her. It’s a rectangular shaped chocolate cake filled with two sets of number 82-shaped candles; one set is red and one set is blue. My cousin revi bought two gallons if ice cream, my aunt prepared menudo, desserts, drinks, chicken and salad. We put the foods altogether on a table and we had potluck haha! 

We have seen the feeling of joy to my grandma’s face especially when we sang a happy birthday song and she blew the candles on the cake. We ate together as a family and of course, we invited our neighbours and friends to party with us. The day ends with a smile on our face.       

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Christmas Presents

When you talk about Christmas in the Philippines, you talk about children who are always eager to celebrate this most-awaited holiday. Christmas is for children in this time they receive presents from their older relatives and godparents. In my case, I give useful gifts to my godchildren such as school supplies, foods, toys and clothes. However, I’m sometimes too idle to buy and wrap gifts so I just give them money.

My sister also has many godchildren and given the fact that she likes handicrafts, she herself wraps her gifts. We consolidate our gifts and put them together underneath our Christmas tree. This November, we will be ready to shop because malls are usually crowded in December.     

The Lawyers that I Admire

I am fond of politics and law; I thought I inherited my enthusiasm from my late grandfather. He liked politics to the extent that his radio used to run for almost 24 hours just to catch the latest news about politics. In my case, I admire honest politicians who are also lawyers. In the Philippine politics, I like Senators Miriam Defensor- Santiago, the late Rene Cayetano, Franklin Drilon and the late Benigno Aquino II. I admire lawyers because of their intelligent and sharp mind. One time I read a online Singapore based newspaper that highlighted the works of a famous lawyer chia boon teck

The online newspaper depicted that chia boon teck graduated from a reputable and famous university specializes in law. Chia boon teck is a lawyer that is responsible and dedicated to his job. Many of his clients have testified that he deserves their trust for their started a new life with the help of chia boon teck. He is really a man of justice.      

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Putting up My Own Business

I have a plan to putting up my own business in five years. I know that you have to take risks in doing so but I really want to have one to sustain my family needs. Having your own business can bring you more and more money each month and the best thing that you can experience is to be a boss. Since you have your own business, you are the boss: it’s far better than being an employee in a company because you can budget your money well. In addition, you will have more savings and you have the option to invest your money to mutual funds, stock exchanges etc.

Of course, in building your business, you have to do the necessary preparations like getting permits, choosing the right place for your business, buying equipment, and of course advertising. These days, online advertisements are getting popular among the types of advertisement. We know that advertising your business is expensive because you have the fee is so high. Even on the web, you have to pay for the site owners before they post your ads. Good thing I’ve found free online ads where you can post ads for free. This will be a big help when I start my own business. I will not pay for a very expensive advertisement anymore.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Dental Phobia?

 Are you afraid of the dentist? How do you feel when you see a dentist and dental clinic with a patient undergoing dental surgery? If you feel shaky and nauseous, if you break out in a cold sweat and you heart starts racing, then probably you have dental phobia. The phobia can harm your entire life if you let it overcome you.

Dental phobics usually think a hundred times about going to the dentist even though they experience dental problems. Some just endure the pain brought by tooth decay than to visit a dentist. Do not let your phobia overcome you; it’s you who should overcome your phobia.

With Cosmetic Dentists Olympia, you will have no fear. Dentists Olympia are people who are caring and dedicated in terms of treating and taking care of your teeth. I admit that I used to have dental phobia but because of these dentists who helped me realized that there’s no reason to be afraid; my phobia was gone.   


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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Rainy Day Problem

It’s rainy season again. I actually like rainy season because of many reasons. First, it’s nice to eat during rainy days; foods like congee, hot bread, fried rice with fried dried fish, and of course my favourite coffee hehehe. Then, it’s also nice to stay at home and sleep especially when the rain is pouring. Unluckily, I work everyday and it’s not easy for me to commute with the slippery and muddy road. Finally, I like rainy season because we need it in terms of agriculture and water supply for dams. However, this season also get me irritated.   

Heavy and pouring rain usually results flood and heavy traffic. My mother also gets irritated because there is a problem with our leaking roof so she always has to get pails to take the drops of water from the ceiling. My mom already called someone to fix our roof but after that, it is still leaking. You know the feeling guys if your roof is leaking. Good thing my mom’s friend recommended roofing allen tx. With their excellent service in roofing, we don’t have any problem on rainy days anymore.   

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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Cleaning the House this Weekend

This weekend we were all too busy cleaning our house. We have cleaned the 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathroom and yard. It has been a month now since we had our last general cleaning. I also helped my grandma to clean her bedroom. Since my grandma is already old, she’s not able to perform the hard tasks that she used to perform before when she was younger. We just allow her to do the minor tasks in our house but not the major ones. Good thing she’s not that stubborn hahaha. 

In cleaning my grandma’s bedroom, I’ve noticed some old things that she keeps like old jar, keys, mirror and comb. I also saw some old magazines that featured old artists. In one of those magazines, I’ve noticed pages that highlight beautiful house ornaments and one of them is egg Faberge. Whoa, I almost forget that I’ll buy my grandma some egg Faberge as ornament and pendant because she has a necklace without pendant. I have seen some faberge egg for sale and I’ll surely buy some wooohooo!      

A Gift to my Grandma

My grandma will be 82 years old in her birthday on November 7. We are actually happy for her because she has reached her age now without any major health problems. She can still perform household tasks like washing her clothes, cleaning the house and yard, cooking and washing the dishes. She just had a problem with her stomach in 2008; it was like hyperacidity and a slight urinary tract infection. However, the doctor hadn’t found any serious illness instead he attributed it as psychological because my grandma was panicky and afraid to die. Well, we will all die so we shouldn’t be afraid of that. Good thing, she was able to survive to that dilemma and now, she is strong and lively. 

I am planning to give her some gifts on her birthday. My sister will definitely buy a cake and I thought of buying her clothes and flip flops. Also I’ve noticed that my grandma loves precious things like jewelleries, frames and beautiful ornaments so I also thought of buying her world famous egg faberge. I’m pretty sure that she feels that she is like the Mother Queen (Queen Elizabeth I) having egg faberge hahaha.   

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Choosing House Ornaments and Decorations

My mom is choosy when it comes to house decorations and ornaments. She loves art and it is pretty obvious with the paintings that she bought and they are displayed in our living and dining room. In our living room, there is a painting titled “Nantucket” by Thomas McKnight. To describe the painting, it is night view from the veranda of a villa overlooking the sea and the villa’s gate. Its look is refreshing to the eyes and it fits in our living room. Also, my mom is looking for some stuff to display on the living room side table and I will recommend to buy faberge eggs. Faberge eggs indeed add elegance to the living and dining rooms.      

In our dining room, we have a big painting of different kinds of flowers. My mom chose it because they are her favourite flowers. The frame is hung at the center of the dining are aligned with the dining table. It looks good especially when you look at it from the living room. Our dining room looks elegant.

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A Bit of Faberge Egg History

Faberge eggs are thousands of jewelled eggs made by House of Faberge between 1885 and 1917. The most famous Faberge eggs produced by the House were for Alexander III and Nicholas II of Russia. The eggs are not actual eggs came from animals but they are made from precious metals or hard stones decorated with enamel and gem stones. Consequently, the Faberge egg has become a symbol of wealth and luxury. The eggs are known as masterpieces of jeweller’s art. 

Today, Faberge eggs can be found in necklaces as beautiful pendants for women. I and my girlfriend found some when we were walking in a mall. She liked the designs of faberge pendants that we saw and now I know what to give her on her birthday. I’ll give her a silver necklace with Faberge pendant. For me it’s more practical to buy jewelleries than gadgets because the value gets higher.      

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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Preparing for the Future

Being wise is an important attitude to prepare for the future. In my case, I plan to put up a small business in our hometown as a start up. I plan to save more money to put up a bigger business. When I have enough money to buy a car, I’ll probably buy a brand new one. My manager advised me that I buy a brand new one rather than a used one. His car is already 11 years old and it doesn’t give him any headache. He also advised me to apply for insurance like state farm insurance.

I also plan to apply for health and life insurance. I’ve just realized that getting insurance should be prioritized because it helps us to build our future. I’m planning to apply health insurance for my mother and father. In choosing insurance, you have to make sure that it comes from a reputable company like in state farm. Show your love to your family and their future.    

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

House Renovation

Our house is quite old and I want to renovate it. It is actually my grandma’s house built in 1993 as a replacement to her ancestral house. As you see in the picture, we have replaced my grandma’s bedroom door to a new one. Also, we renovate the bathroom; we turned the old and boring looking one to a new one! The renovation is not yet finished because the materials and labor costs are so expensive. In addition, we also have to take care of our major expenses for foods, daily work allowance and more. Having a beautiful and liveable house is convenient however, you have to make sure that you have enough money to finance its renovation. I was actually worried that the renovation will not pushed through because I have bad credit so I was thinking that our house will stay idle in that messy situation.  Good thing I have discovered Loans For People With Bad Credit. Because of that, I will be able to borrow money with no worries. Yay our house renovation will be finished now.    

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Our New Bathroom

Our bathroom is just one year old. Our bathroom before was very simple; it was covered with white-colored tiles and equipped with peach toilet bowl. It was boring looking and it had poor plumbing system. The flush of the bowl was not working well and the drainage system was clogged whew! I can’t imagine how we were able live with that kind of bathroom in our house. Good thing my mom decided to renovate it with new tiles and bathroom things. She bought orange colored tiles, and white colored bowl and sink. For the flooring, she bought reddish colored square tiles. Our bathroom now looks new and refreshing compare to our old and boring looking one. I will be uploading a photo of our new bathroom here soon. Of course, when it comes to plumbing, we hired the best plumbers like Plumbers Tacoma. With its solid years in serving, Plumbing Tacoma has been the prime and trusted when it comes to plumbing service. For the people there who look for the best plumbing service, rely on Plumbing Tacoma. It’s convenient to use our restroom without any problem.  

Friday, 12 August 2011

What Do You Prioritize?

I had a chance to ride on our company’s car when I was an employee in my former job. We were going to a restaurant that time, our senior colleague Sir Abe, (in his late forties) was the one who drives my two younger officemates and myself were among the passengers. It came to our conversation the topic about priorities. Sir Abe mentioned that usually, working people choose from two options; car or house. Well me, since we already have a house, I chose car hahaha! I really want to have a car for family use. Moreover, I now work in Makati so I really need to have my own car. When it comes to car, I prefer Mitsubishi cars especially their new one, Mitsubishi Evo. I prefer brand new because it lasts for many years.  

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Low Standard Nursing Schools

I am worried about the nursing schools that sprout like mushrooms in the Philippines. Having so many nursing schools evidently shows the lowering standard of nursing education in our country. As a result, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) with the help of Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) recently released an order to close the low performing nursing schools all over the country. Their basis is the number of board exam passers in corresponding schools. If a certain nursing school cannot produce even a single board passer, then they will be forced to close their school. In addition, there are fly-by-night nursing schools too. The government is also taking actions to close them and prevent the would-be students to enroll. Whew! This is disgusting. I hope the government could completely wipe them out because the burden would and their parents would suffer if this would continue. They should find a nursing school that promotes high level of standard like nurse schools in california.

If you are a parent, it’s a great feeling having no worries that your son/daughter studies in a reputed institution. This nursing school offers world class nursing programs california that your son/daughter can use to become a dignified nurse. Don’t compromise your child’s studies with low quality nursing schools; there are nursing schools that could serve you better.  

Top 10 Small Business Ideas in the Philippines

In order to acquire extra income aside from employment, putting up a small business is a great idea. Nowadays, salary from employment is not enough especially if you have sent your children to school. To be able to give our children good education and attend their needs at the same time, why not make money by putting up a small business? Here are the top 10 small business ideas in our country that may guide you in putting up and managing a business. 

1.      Loading business
2.      Selling frozen foods
3.      Selling lunch and/or snacks
4.      Specialty foods
5.      Laundry services
6.      Network marketing/direct selling
7.      Blogging
8.      Greeting cards and invitations
9.      Mini grocery
10.     Gifts, presents, goodies

I will be posting and analyzing these businesses one by one on my next posts. Thank you so much guys!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sunday Music Trip

I love listening to old music every Sunday. It has been a trend in the Philippines that during Sunday, households play oldies; Both Filipino and American songs echo. They are usually heard in FM stations and so as in AM band. However, in listening to the music either in FM or AM band, I cannot get my desired sound quality so I thought of downloading old songs from trusted sites. I create a folder for oldies and sort them as English or Filipino. Last Sunday I tried to play five of them but I discovered that they were corrupted. Good thing I quickly downloaded dll4free for my dll files. Yeehaw, I was able to recover my songs!        

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I Had An X-Ray

Last year I had fever and cough I became sickly because of my work schedule. I used to teach English to Korean students and I start my shift at 4:45 am. As a result, my immune system got weak and I became sickly. I went to the doctor to have some treatment and she (the doctor) advised me to have an x-ray to check my lungs. Possibly, my illness was upper respiratory infection because my fever attacks at around 5 pm onwards. She also advised me to check my body temperature every four hours. So, I obeyed the doctor’s advice and visited a clinic for x-ray and medical exam. The x-ray technician (a middle-aged woman) welcomed me with a smile and gently told me to come inside the x-ray room. It was lunchbreak (no patients) when I went there so we talked to each other while waiting for my x-ray result. After about 45 minutes, I got it. I cannot forget the kindness of the technician that treated me well. I sometimes think I would want get phlebotomy certification california to be a hospital technician. There are phlebotomy schools california where you I can study to be certified.      

My Nephew’s Studies

My nephew Kim studies in a university in Japan. As we know, Japan has excellent educational system, so my nephew always experiences difficulties in studying. He complains that his teachers frequently give them bulk of projects to be done in the weekends. Since I experienced being a student, I understand their sentiments. Having too many projects is truly hard and you have to be systematic in dealing with them, or else, everything would be a mess. The good thing about this generation is having computers readily available anywhere. In our times, few households own computer and hanging out in an internet cafe is quite expensive. Well, since my nephew has computer and internet connection at home, I advised him to access a website where he can Project Ideas and Project Samples. There, it would be easier for him to finish his projects and beat the deadlines.  

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Thank You SponsoredReviews

Let’s talk about making money online. I have 4 blogs enrolled in SponsoredReviews which I signed up last June. Las June 24, I earned 2.50 dollars for my very first post. Last week, I earned additional 7.50 dollars. Thank you SponsoredReviews!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Problems in Life

They say that life is like a wheel; sometimes up, sometimes down. We feel happy when we have no problems; satisfied when we are not lacking. However, some times in our life, it is hard to avoid problems. Problems are inevitable. There are people who surrender to their problems and end up with depression, breakdown or even suicide. I believe all problems have solutions. Don’t let problems conquer you, you conquer the problem. Trust in God, He has all the answers. Also, we acquire a life coach like life coach Santa Barbara. We should live life to the fullest because life is too short.    

Healing Without Medicine

When I was young, I wondered why my cold and cough easily healed without taking any drugs from the store. I asked my mother why and she said that it was my immune system that healed my cough and cold. Our immune system serves as the soldiers and armed forces in our body. When the immune system feels that there are certain bacteria and viruses that enter in the body, it will fight them. For me, if I feel something wrong, I don’t rely on drugs easily. I just let my immune system fight for the disease. There are medical institutions that teach how to boost your immune system like homeopathy Santa Fe.When you consult them, they will teach you what to do. I was surprised when I found out those even severe diseases like hepatitis, cancer and others can be healed by our immune system alone.     

Bicycling to the Farm

Yesterday I went to the riding on a bicycle. I just used my father’s bicycle but it is quite old. When I was in the middle of my bicycling, I got flat tire and I ended up walking. So sad because I felt so tired after about an hour of walking. On the other hand, I enjoyed my walk in the farm because I saw good sceneries. Also, I got unwind after my five-day stay in the city. After a long walk, I reached home at about 6:00 o’clock in the evening. Good thing my father did not get angry when I told him that I messed up his bicycle. I hope I could buy a new one this year. There are some stores in our town with variety that we can choose. I like bicycle styles in bike shop Temecula. Whew, I can’t to have one.   

Saturday, 25 June 2011

My Aunt’s Depression

My father has a cousin who suffered from extreme depression in the 1980s. She went to other country to work but because of certain problem and trials, she got depressed. Her family was shocked because she suddenly arrived at home talking alone. Her parents immediately sent her to the hospital for treatment. The doctor said that she got nervous breakdown due to depression. The doctor advised that if she will experience the same symptoms that she had before, do not hesitate to visit a psychologist to prevent nervous breakdown. In psychologist temecula, they can easily treat persons with depression by properly detecting the rootcause of their problems and effectively helping the patients in dealing with them (problems). 

Peaceful Community

We live in a compound where my relatives also live. There are seven houses in our compound. We do not own the house; it belongs to my grandmother. My father is the eldest child of my grandma so he takes the responsibility of taking care of her when the time comes. But of course, eventhough we are stable in my grandma’s house, I still have to have my own house for my future family. I am now saving money to accumulate for the downpayment for our future house. I’m starting to look for a quiet place perfect for my future family, like in realtor La Quinta CA where you can realize the real value of life.

My Girlfriend’s depression

My girlfriend got depressed when she left our country and go to another country to work. She now lives with her brother. Living away with me and with her family (parents, brothers and sisters) made her depressed, plus the hardship of finding a job in another country added to it. She could hardly eat, sleep and interact with other people. It should not come to suicidal point so I advised her to be calm and seek for an advice. There are psychologists who are available when you need help, like in Depression Jacksonville Beach. Early medication and treatment is needed before it’s too late.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

My medical consultation

I had medical consultation last October 2009. I became sickly then, because of my workshift. Everyday I used to wake up at 3:00 in the morning to prepare for work. I worked as an online English teacher to Koreans in Ortigas Center. Philippine time is one hour ahead of Korean time so if it’s 5:00 o’clock AM in the Philippines, it’s already 6:00 o’clock AM in Korea. That was when my work started. I used to go home at 2:00 o’clock PM, that is when the temperature is usually sizzling hot (that made me sick). Going back, when I had this medical consultation in Paranaque Doctor’s Hospital, my aunt’s friend Laila (she is a hospital technician), referred me to the doctor. The hospital technicians there were very nice. Ate Laila introduced me to some of her friends there. Well, having a job like their’s is fun and fulfilling. Ate Laila said that she feels sense of fulfillment every time she assists patients. To be a hospital technician, you can attend phlebotomy training to get phlebotomist certification. I have cousin who wants to be like that, and I said, “Just go for it!”     

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Foods That I Cannot Resist

Like what I have mentioned in my previous blog posts, eating is my favorite hobby. I have many favorite foods and since I am still young, I eat whatever I want. I can also cook or process some foods so I don’t have any problem if I want to eat a particular food that will need to be cooked or processed. I have a list of the foods that I cannot resist when I see them. However, these foods are highly acidic. It’s up to you if you will want to moderate or not the intake of these foods:
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Beef
  • Carbonated soft drinks & fizzy drinks
  • Cigarettes (tailor made)
  • Drugs
  • White flour
  • Wheat flour
  • Goat meat
  • Lamb meat
  • Pastries & cakes made from white flour
  • Pork
  • Sugar
  • Beer
  • Brown sugar
  • Chicken
  • Deer meat
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Custard made from white sugar
  • Jams
  • Jellies
  • Liquor,white vinegar (processed)
  • Fish
  • Eggs
So sad. The foods that are mentioned above are all my favorites (sobs). I guess I have to eat alkaline-rich foods like orange, mandarin, calamansi and lemon. I have to be aware of my health so I will balance acid-alkaline intake. I think I also have to drink water that contains alkaline. There are available alkaline water machine that I can use to drink alkaline water whenever I eat acidic foods. That’s right!


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

How Is It Like To Be a Vegetarian?

Before, I view vegetarian’s life as boring, sad and pale. Let’s admit the fact that meat is one of the most delicious foods in the world. Meat comes with many kinds of cooking like roasted, fried, boiled, stewed and many more. Roasted pig or “lechon” is my most favorite meat dish. Lechon is a popular food in the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Latin American countries and Spain. I like the crispy roasted skin of the pig dipped in liver sauce, yummy.

However, as we grow older, we have to monitor our diet and cholesterol intake. So, in order not to take bad cholesterol from animal fats, I decided to be a vegan after two years. Why in two years? Well, I just want to enjoy my life eating delicious meat dishes within two years hahaha. I guess vegetarians don’t have absolute boring life because they don’t eat meat. I can see them everywhere and they are happy. Our company boss is a vegan, and so as my aunt and they are happy. My aunt lives in the United States and she said that she often eat in vegetarian restaurants. She just simply looks for vegetarian restaurants San Diego to choose which restaurant to eat to. She said that foods in there are great. They are like meat dishes but they are actually made from vegetables. Well, I will just prepare myself to be a vegan and think positively that I will enjoy it.    

How to Make Money Blogging

There are people who earn money simply through blogging. You can just have a computer, internet connection and WOLA! You can blog here, blog there, and blog everywhere! There are few ways of to set up a blog online. You could use WordPress, Blogger, or another free site that hosts your blog for you; or alternatively you can set up your own blog under your own domain name. If you want to be serious to make money online by blogging, you have to exert more effort. In my case, I started to make a blog two years ago. I became serious in blogging just two months ago (not bad, at least I became serious). 

My own blog

Once you are ready to set up your own blog, you could search online for the good theme and layout for it. You might want a theme that suits your topic. Choose appropriate color and design. 

Now, the most important question is what you are going to blog about. You have to remember that the whole world is your audience here. Some people blog about their general lives, everyday work experience, travel, technology, lifestyle, games, etc. There are no rules when it comes to blogging. You could just write some things about your interests and later on you would find that your blog is becoming popular to search engines.   
If your blog is already popular, why not monetizing it? Here are some ways to monetize your blog. 

·         -Google Adsense is perhaps the most well known method – you can join the program free-of-charge and display contextual ads that your visitors will be interested in to maximize your click-through-rate. 

·         -There are also a handful of websites which give you the opportunity to get paid for each blog post you make on a specific subject. Pay Per Post and Review Me are two such examples, and they will pay you a certain amount of money to review a product or website for the owner.

·         -You can review and recommend other people’s products through affiliate links inserted into your blog posts, and earn money on commissions earned through any purchases people make.

·         -You can offer ad space on your blog too, and charge a fee for both classified and display ads if you wish.

·         -You can sell your blog. Once it is established and has plenty of revenue and traffic, you can usually sell it for ten times its monthly revenue.

So that’s it—profitable blog from scratch. Get out there and get started building your first blog today.