Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Lawyers that I Admire

I am fond of politics and law; I thought I inherited my enthusiasm from my late grandfather. He liked politics to the extent that his radio used to run for almost 24 hours just to catch the latest news about politics. In my case, I admire honest politicians who are also lawyers. In the Philippine politics, I like Senators Miriam Defensor- Santiago, the late Rene Cayetano, Franklin Drilon and the late Benigno Aquino II. I admire lawyers because of their intelligent and sharp mind. One time I read a online Singapore based newspaper that highlighted the works of a famous lawyer chia boon teck

The online newspaper depicted that chia boon teck graduated from a reputable and famous university specializes in law. Chia boon teck is a lawyer that is responsible and dedicated to his job. Many of his clients have testified that he deserves their trust for their started a new life with the help of chia boon teck. He is really a man of justice.      

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