Monday, 7 November 2011

Jewellery Collection

My aunt has a jewellery collection consisting of many sets of earrings, rings, necklaces, anklets and bracelets. She loves her jewelleries because those are the accumulation of gifts from her husband, children and friends. It’s nice to collect jewelleries because it’s a form of investment. Instead of buying things that can easily depreciate, why not buying things that appreciate annually like land, antiques and jewelleries. That is also my aunt’s principle that when she gets older, she will have assets that can be sold especially when she gets sick. 

I remember one time, she showed her jewelleries and I noticed faberge jewellery. My aunt said that it was a gift of her husband that was bought in Saudi Arabia. Jewelleries in Saudi Arabia have high qualities and beautiful designs. I guess it’s time for me to tell my mom that she should start collecting jewelleries too haha.   

Christmas Shopping

Christmas is fast approaching and everybody is busy preparing for this most-awaited day of the year. Here in the Philippines, Divisoria, Quiapo and Baclaran are among the most famous shopping districts. These places are commonly crowded during holiday seasons. Last year, my sister and her fiancée visited night market in Divisoria, she said that it is nicer to shop at night for the temperature is not too hot and the road traffic is lighter. 

More products and items are being sold at the night market because that’s the time sellers get their products from their suppliers. My sister bought clothes, Christmas decorations, foods and perfume. More products such as household items, towels, bathroom equipment, toys and faberge for sale are available. Now I know where to buy my gifts to be given this Christmas.      

Our Birthday Gift to Grandma

Today is grandma’s birthday so I and my sister bought a gift for her. It’s a rectangular shaped chocolate cake filled with two sets of number 82-shaped candles; one set is red and one set is blue. My cousin revi bought two gallons if ice cream, my aunt prepared menudo, desserts, drinks, chicken and salad. We put the foods altogether on a table and we had potluck haha! 

We have seen the feeling of joy to my grandma’s face especially when we sang a happy birthday song and she blew the candles on the cake. We ate together as a family and of course, we invited our neighbours and friends to party with us. The day ends with a smile on our face.       

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Christmas Presents

When you talk about Christmas in the Philippines, you talk about children who are always eager to celebrate this most-awaited holiday. Christmas is for children in this time they receive presents from their older relatives and godparents. In my case, I give useful gifts to my godchildren such as school supplies, foods, toys and clothes. However, I’m sometimes too idle to buy and wrap gifts so I just give them money.

My sister also has many godchildren and given the fact that she likes handicrafts, she herself wraps her gifts. We consolidate our gifts and put them together underneath our Christmas tree. This November, we will be ready to shop because malls are usually crowded in December.     

The Lawyers that I Admire

I am fond of politics and law; I thought I inherited my enthusiasm from my late grandfather. He liked politics to the extent that his radio used to run for almost 24 hours just to catch the latest news about politics. In my case, I admire honest politicians who are also lawyers. In the Philippine politics, I like Senators Miriam Defensor- Santiago, the late Rene Cayetano, Franklin Drilon and the late Benigno Aquino II. I admire lawyers because of their intelligent and sharp mind. One time I read a online Singapore based newspaper that highlighted the works of a famous lawyer chia boon teck

The online newspaper depicted that chia boon teck graduated from a reputable and famous university specializes in law. Chia boon teck is a lawyer that is responsible and dedicated to his job. Many of his clients have testified that he deserves their trust for their started a new life with the help of chia boon teck. He is really a man of justice.