Sunday, 24 July 2011

Low Standard Nursing Schools

I am worried about the nursing schools that sprout like mushrooms in the Philippines. Having so many nursing schools evidently shows the lowering standard of nursing education in our country. As a result, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) with the help of Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) recently released an order to close the low performing nursing schools all over the country. Their basis is the number of board exam passers in corresponding schools. If a certain nursing school cannot produce even a single board passer, then they will be forced to close their school. In addition, there are fly-by-night nursing schools too. The government is also taking actions to close them and prevent the would-be students to enroll. Whew! This is disgusting. I hope the government could completely wipe them out because the burden would and their parents would suffer if this would continue. They should find a nursing school that promotes high level of standard like nurse schools in california.

If you are a parent, it’s a great feeling having no worries that your son/daughter studies in a reputed institution. This nursing school offers world class nursing programs california that your son/daughter can use to become a dignified nurse. Don’t compromise your child’s studies with low quality nursing schools; there are nursing schools that could serve you better.  

Top 10 Small Business Ideas in the Philippines

In order to acquire extra income aside from employment, putting up a small business is a great idea. Nowadays, salary from employment is not enough especially if you have sent your children to school. To be able to give our children good education and attend their needs at the same time, why not make money by putting up a small business? Here are the top 10 small business ideas in our country that may guide you in putting up and managing a business. 

1.      Loading business
2.      Selling frozen foods
3.      Selling lunch and/or snacks
4.      Specialty foods
5.      Laundry services
6.      Network marketing/direct selling
7.      Blogging
8.      Greeting cards and invitations
9.      Mini grocery
10.     Gifts, presents, goodies

I will be posting and analyzing these businesses one by one on my next posts. Thank you so much guys!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sunday Music Trip

I love listening to old music every Sunday. It has been a trend in the Philippines that during Sunday, households play oldies; Both Filipino and American songs echo. They are usually heard in FM stations and so as in AM band. However, in listening to the music either in FM or AM band, I cannot get my desired sound quality so I thought of downloading old songs from trusted sites. I create a folder for oldies and sort them as English or Filipino. Last Sunday I tried to play five of them but I discovered that they were corrupted. Good thing I quickly downloaded dll4free for my dll files. Yeehaw, I was able to recover my songs!        

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I Had An X-Ray

Last year I had fever and cough I became sickly because of my work schedule. I used to teach English to Korean students and I start my shift at 4:45 am. As a result, my immune system got weak and I became sickly. I went to the doctor to have some treatment and she (the doctor) advised me to have an x-ray to check my lungs. Possibly, my illness was upper respiratory infection because my fever attacks at around 5 pm onwards. She also advised me to check my body temperature every four hours. So, I obeyed the doctor’s advice and visited a clinic for x-ray and medical exam. The x-ray technician (a middle-aged woman) welcomed me with a smile and gently told me to come inside the x-ray room. It was lunchbreak (no patients) when I went there so we talked to each other while waiting for my x-ray result. After about 45 minutes, I got it. I cannot forget the kindness of the technician that treated me well. I sometimes think I would want get phlebotomy certification california to be a hospital technician. There are phlebotomy schools california where you I can study to be certified.      

My Nephew’s Studies

My nephew Kim studies in a university in Japan. As we know, Japan has excellent educational system, so my nephew always experiences difficulties in studying. He complains that his teachers frequently give them bulk of projects to be done in the weekends. Since I experienced being a student, I understand their sentiments. Having too many projects is truly hard and you have to be systematic in dealing with them, or else, everything would be a mess. The good thing about this generation is having computers readily available anywhere. In our times, few households own computer and hanging out in an internet cafe is quite expensive. Well, since my nephew has computer and internet connection at home, I advised him to access a website where he can Project Ideas and Project Samples. There, it would be easier for him to finish his projects and beat the deadlines.  

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