Sunday, 18 September 2011

Cleaning the House this Weekend

This weekend we were all too busy cleaning our house. We have cleaned the 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathroom and yard. It has been a month now since we had our last general cleaning. I also helped my grandma to clean her bedroom. Since my grandma is already old, she’s not able to perform the hard tasks that she used to perform before when she was younger. We just allow her to do the minor tasks in our house but not the major ones. Good thing she’s not that stubborn hahaha. 

In cleaning my grandma’s bedroom, I’ve noticed some old things that she keeps like old jar, keys, mirror and comb. I also saw some old magazines that featured old artists. In one of those magazines, I’ve noticed pages that highlight beautiful house ornaments and one of them is egg Faberge. Whoa, I almost forget that I’ll buy my grandma some egg Faberge as ornament and pendant because she has a necklace without pendant. I have seen some faberge egg for sale and I’ll surely buy some wooohooo!      

A Gift to my Grandma

My grandma will be 82 years old in her birthday on November 7. We are actually happy for her because she has reached her age now without any major health problems. She can still perform household tasks like washing her clothes, cleaning the house and yard, cooking and washing the dishes. She just had a problem with her stomach in 2008; it was like hyperacidity and a slight urinary tract infection. However, the doctor hadn’t found any serious illness instead he attributed it as psychological because my grandma was panicky and afraid to die. Well, we will all die so we shouldn’t be afraid of that. Good thing, she was able to survive to that dilemma and now, she is strong and lively. 

I am planning to give her some gifts on her birthday. My sister will definitely buy a cake and I thought of buying her clothes and flip flops. Also I’ve noticed that my grandma loves precious things like jewelleries, frames and beautiful ornaments so I also thought of buying her world famous egg faberge. I’m pretty sure that she feels that she is like the Mother Queen (Queen Elizabeth I) having egg faberge hahaha.   

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Choosing House Ornaments and Decorations

My mom is choosy when it comes to house decorations and ornaments. She loves art and it is pretty obvious with the paintings that she bought and they are displayed in our living and dining room. In our living room, there is a painting titled “Nantucket” by Thomas McKnight. To describe the painting, it is night view from the veranda of a villa overlooking the sea and the villa’s gate. Its look is refreshing to the eyes and it fits in our living room. Also, my mom is looking for some stuff to display on the living room side table and I will recommend to buy faberge eggs. Faberge eggs indeed add elegance to the living and dining rooms.      

In our dining room, we have a big painting of different kinds of flowers. My mom chose it because they are her favourite flowers. The frame is hung at the center of the dining are aligned with the dining table. It looks good especially when you look at it from the living room. Our dining room looks elegant.

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A Bit of Faberge Egg History

Faberge eggs are thousands of jewelled eggs made by House of Faberge between 1885 and 1917. The most famous Faberge eggs produced by the House were for Alexander III and Nicholas II of Russia. The eggs are not actual eggs came from animals but they are made from precious metals or hard stones decorated with enamel and gem stones. Consequently, the Faberge egg has become a symbol of wealth and luxury. The eggs are known as masterpieces of jeweller’s art. 

Today, Faberge eggs can be found in necklaces as beautiful pendants for women. I and my girlfriend found some when we were walking in a mall. She liked the designs of faberge pendants that we saw and now I know what to give her on her birthday. I’ll give her a silver necklace with Faberge pendant. For me it’s more practical to buy jewelleries than gadgets because the value gets higher.      

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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Preparing for the Future

Being wise is an important attitude to prepare for the future. In my case, I plan to put up a small business in our hometown as a start up. I plan to save more money to put up a bigger business. When I have enough money to buy a car, I’ll probably buy a brand new one. My manager advised me that I buy a brand new one rather than a used one. His car is already 11 years old and it doesn’t give him any headache. He also advised me to apply for insurance like state farm insurance.

I also plan to apply for health and life insurance. I’ve just realized that getting insurance should be prioritized because it helps us to build our future. I’m planning to apply health insurance for my mother and father. In choosing insurance, you have to make sure that it comes from a reputable company like in state farm. Show your love to your family and their future.