Saturday, 17 September 2011

Choosing House Ornaments and Decorations

My mom is choosy when it comes to house decorations and ornaments. She loves art and it is pretty obvious with the paintings that she bought and they are displayed in our living and dining room. In our living room, there is a painting titled “Nantucket” by Thomas McKnight. To describe the painting, it is night view from the veranda of a villa overlooking the sea and the villa’s gate. Its look is refreshing to the eyes and it fits in our living room. Also, my mom is looking for some stuff to display on the living room side table and I will recommend to buy faberge eggs. Faberge eggs indeed add elegance to the living and dining rooms.      

In our dining room, we have a big painting of different kinds of flowers. My mom chose it because they are her favourite flowers. The frame is hung at the center of the dining are aligned with the dining table. It looks good especially when you look at it from the living room. Our dining room looks elegant.

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