Wednesday, 17 August 2011

House Renovation

Our house is quite old and I want to renovate it. It is actually my grandma’s house built in 1993 as a replacement to her ancestral house. As you see in the picture, we have replaced my grandma’s bedroom door to a new one. Also, we renovate the bathroom; we turned the old and boring looking one to a new one! The renovation is not yet finished because the materials and labor costs are so expensive. In addition, we also have to take care of our major expenses for foods, daily work allowance and more. Having a beautiful and liveable house is convenient however, you have to make sure that you have enough money to finance its renovation. I was actually worried that the renovation will not pushed through because I have bad credit so I was thinking that our house will stay idle in that messy situation.  Good thing I have discovered Loans For People With Bad Credit. Because of that, I will be able to borrow money with no worries. Yay our house renovation will be finished now.    

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Our New Bathroom

Our bathroom is just one year old. Our bathroom before was very simple; it was covered with white-colored tiles and equipped with peach toilet bowl. It was boring looking and it had poor plumbing system. The flush of the bowl was not working well and the drainage system was clogged whew! I can’t imagine how we were able live with that kind of bathroom in our house. Good thing my mom decided to renovate it with new tiles and bathroom things. She bought orange colored tiles, and white colored bowl and sink. For the flooring, she bought reddish colored square tiles. Our bathroom now looks new and refreshing compare to our old and boring looking one. I will be uploading a photo of our new bathroom here soon. Of course, when it comes to plumbing, we hired the best plumbers like Plumbers Tacoma. With its solid years in serving, Plumbing Tacoma has been the prime and trusted when it comes to plumbing service. For the people there who look for the best plumbing service, rely on Plumbing Tacoma. It’s convenient to use our restroom without any problem.  

Friday, 12 August 2011

What Do You Prioritize?

I had a chance to ride on our company’s car when I was an employee in my former job. We were going to a restaurant that time, our senior colleague Sir Abe, (in his late forties) was the one who drives my two younger officemates and myself were among the passengers. It came to our conversation the topic about priorities. Sir Abe mentioned that usually, working people choose from two options; car or house. Well me, since we already have a house, I chose car hahaha! I really want to have a car for family use. Moreover, I now work in Makati so I really need to have my own car. When it comes to car, I prefer Mitsubishi cars especially their new one, Mitsubishi Evo. I prefer brand new because it lasts for many years.