Sunday, 18 September 2011

A Gift to my Grandma

My grandma will be 82 years old in her birthday on November 7. We are actually happy for her because she has reached her age now without any major health problems. She can still perform household tasks like washing her clothes, cleaning the house and yard, cooking and washing the dishes. She just had a problem with her stomach in 2008; it was like hyperacidity and a slight urinary tract infection. However, the doctor hadn’t found any serious illness instead he attributed it as psychological because my grandma was panicky and afraid to die. Well, we will all die so we shouldn’t be afraid of that. Good thing, she was able to survive to that dilemma and now, she is strong and lively. 

I am planning to give her some gifts on her birthday. My sister will definitely buy a cake and I thought of buying her clothes and flip flops. Also I’ve noticed that my grandma loves precious things like jewelleries, frames and beautiful ornaments so I also thought of buying her world famous egg faberge. I’m pretty sure that she feels that she is like the Mother Queen (Queen Elizabeth I) having egg faberge hahaha.   

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