Sunday, 18 September 2011

Cleaning the House this Weekend

This weekend we were all too busy cleaning our house. We have cleaned the 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathroom and yard. It has been a month now since we had our last general cleaning. I also helped my grandma to clean her bedroom. Since my grandma is already old, she’s not able to perform the hard tasks that she used to perform before when she was younger. We just allow her to do the minor tasks in our house but not the major ones. Good thing she’s not that stubborn hahaha. 

In cleaning my grandma’s bedroom, I’ve noticed some old things that she keeps like old jar, keys, mirror and comb. I also saw some old magazines that featured old artists. In one of those magazines, I’ve noticed pages that highlight beautiful house ornaments and one of them is egg Faberge. Whoa, I almost forget that I’ll buy my grandma some egg Faberge as ornament and pendant because she has a necklace without pendant. I have seen some faberge egg for sale and I’ll surely buy some wooohooo!      

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