Saturday, 8 October 2011

Rainy Day Problem

It’s rainy season again. I actually like rainy season because of many reasons. First, it’s nice to eat during rainy days; foods like congee, hot bread, fried rice with fried dried fish, and of course my favourite coffee hehehe. Then, it’s also nice to stay at home and sleep especially when the rain is pouring. Unluckily, I work everyday and it’s not easy for me to commute with the slippery and muddy road. Finally, I like rainy season because we need it in terms of agriculture and water supply for dams. However, this season also get me irritated.   

Heavy and pouring rain usually results flood and heavy traffic. My mother also gets irritated because there is a problem with our leaking roof so she always has to get pails to take the drops of water from the ceiling. My mom already called someone to fix our roof but after that, it is still leaking. You know the feeling guys if your roof is leaking. Good thing my mom’s friend recommended roofing allen tx. With their excellent service in roofing, we don’t have any problem on rainy days anymore.   

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