Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I Had An X-Ray

Last year I had fever and cough I became sickly because of my work schedule. I used to teach English to Korean students and I start my shift at 4:45 am. As a result, my immune system got weak and I became sickly. I went to the doctor to have some treatment and she (the doctor) advised me to have an x-ray to check my lungs. Possibly, my illness was upper respiratory infection because my fever attacks at around 5 pm onwards. She also advised me to check my body temperature every four hours. So, I obeyed the doctor’s advice and visited a clinic for x-ray and medical exam. The x-ray technician (a middle-aged woman) welcomed me with a smile and gently told me to come inside the x-ray room. It was lunchbreak (no patients) when I went there so we talked to each other while waiting for my x-ray result. After about 45 minutes, I got it. I cannot forget the kindness of the technician that treated me well. I sometimes think I would want get phlebotomy certification california to be a hospital technician. There are phlebotomy schools california where you I can study to be certified.      

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