Saturday, 4 June 2011

Our company’s bad experience

Internet is global. Once you publish something on the web, rest assured that it will be visible to any searcher in most countries around the world. For companies, they should be aware of scammers who want to put you in shame. Our company is a victim of scammer.

The scammer stated that he was an alleged applicant who was rejected by our company because of discrimination. Once you type in the name of our company, you will see the scammer’s malicious writing on the Google’s first page. I believe that it was not true because our company follows guidelines on how to treat applicants properly. Moreover, HR personnel underwent intensive training on human relations and good corporate manners.

To protect the reputation of companies like ours online, they should acquire reputation management services from reputation management companies. They should not let scammers bother them with their business.    

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  1. speaking of that scammer, I was being scammed by a company before... sobs!