Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Sari Sari Store

Sari sari store is a type of convenience store in the Philippines. Usually located in small barrios, it greatly serves the people due to its low cost products. It is also called 'tingiang tindahan' because you can buy products per piece at the cheapest price. Chinese merchandisers brought this kind of selling to the Philippines hundreds of years ago.

My parents have sari sari store in our house. It is located right inside our living room consuming its space. They are still looking for a feasible place for their store. My aunt closed her store early this year because of their house renovation. Due to big a demand of prime commodities in our place, my mother continued the selling because my aunt asked her to do so. My mom started with just a three thousand pesos capital. Luckily it is now earning a sufficient amount to fill the daily expenses. It is indeed a big help. Though it's still better to put up your store to a good location, but if you really want to have a sari sari store, you can put it inside your house. Once you accumulate money for several years enough to rent or buy a store location, you can rather do so.

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